Who we are


We promote good corporate governance, social upliftment, empowerment and entrepreneurial thinking


We capitalize on relationships that we have cultivated over the years as by ensuring that we partner with Management teams and partners that share a common vision with us and who demonstrate a positive chemistry in the way we view opportunities.


As an investment fund company we respect and support the capabilities of the management teams in our current investments.
As a new player We do not intend to be passive investors but together with management we'll drive strategic growth opportunities, corporate governance, transformation, empowerment and succession planning.

Why choose us?


The participation of DPI in the economy is driven by dental professionals with the aim of dominating the dental industry However, our investments are not limited to health and dentistry alone.


By virtue of participating in businesses we have already have a presence in, we continue to grow our participation in other spheres of business.


DPI does not intend to limit itself to dentistry and is willing to invest in markets that are a viable and profitable option

Our Board

Dr FT Mabogoane

Director & Chairperson

Dr M Matloa

Deputy Chairperson

Dr S Machaba


Dr T Ramasia


Dr J Seleka


Neo Talane